MP Legend Series

Master Spas' Michael Phelps Legend Series is master crafted to achieve enhanced, innovative therapy and high tech advancements in construction, performance, insulation, filtration and heating systems. Choose from three premium hot tub models which seat from two to eight people.

LSX 700 Hot Tub.
LSX 800 Hot Tub.
LSX 900 Hot Tub.

One glance and you'll see why these hot tubs shatter the mold. Custom designed crystal-like jets, custom backlitair controls and valves, and stainless steel accents give the Michael Phelps Legend Series spas a sophicticated and contemporary feel. Beautiful, graceful lines, breath taking lighting and soothing water features make Michael Phelps Legend Series a work of art.

Master Spas flagship line of premium hot tubs is also a stunning work of technology. the color display control panel lets you easily manage every function of the hot tub, and by using the available smart phone or tablet app, you can make sure your spa is always ready no matter where you are.

Master Spas has taken the Legend Series into an exciting new direction and some previous models have been updated in order to serve this new direction. Other models have been discontinued in order to focus attention on the newer line. Those models are the LSX 557, LSX, LSX 850, LSX1000 and the LSX 1050. These previous models will continue to receive support in the areas of service and parts.

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